Date: May 21, 2015
Passengers:  Christy Wise
Purpose:  Going to Valdosta GA to attend a friend’s wedding
Route: San Antonio to Tampa
Pilots: Mike Weimert, Howard Turek

Captain Christy Wise is a 28 year old C-130 Captain in the USAF.  She grew up in Reno, NV, she has a twin sister and a younger brother. Her sister just graduated medical school and her brother is a professional skier.

Christy was accepted at the Air Force Academy on a skiing scholarship, having no prior interest in learning to fly. However once in the Academy she found flying to be something fascinating and applied, and was accepted to flight school.  Her squadron is based in Valdosta, GA where she flew low level search and rescue missions supporting paratroopers and helicopters.  Along with being a skier she rides motorcycles, sky dives, scuba divers is a foster parent locally in Valdosta supporting children needing short term living arrangements.  She is starting a foundation to help amputee children.   To call her an over achiever would be an understatement!

One evening while paddle boarding at a friend’s house near Destin, FL, in the dark, she saw the three lights of a power boat approaching her.  She shined her light at the boat however the boat failed to deviate from its course.  Seeing that she was about to be struck by the boat, she dove in the water and swam down in an attempt to miss the boat, unfortunately the boat’s propellor struck her leg just above the knee severing the femoral artery.  Her boy friend was close by when this happened, he came to her aid, tying his sweat shirt as a tourniquet around her leg.  Once back on shore she was taken to the local hospital and subsequently her leg was amputated above the knee, this was in April of 2015.  Her doctors are telling her, her rehabilitation will be one year, she is saying she wants to be back on her “feet” by Fall and to return to flying, there is no doubt Christy will again over achieve.

So on our way to Tampa we put her in the right seat and let her have some fun.  It was her first time back in any airplane since the accident, and her first time flying a jet, she was soooo happy!