July 23-26, 2015

Crew: Paul Olechowski, Kristi Turek, Howard Turek

San Antonio to Colorado Springs and return.

Jeremy Kohlwes, Rattana and new son traveled to visit family and attend his sister’s wedding as well as meet each other’s new sons (His wife and sister having both given birth recently and we were unable to attend each other’s deliveries). He is a 13yr Army Infantry Veteran that served in 2 deployments to Iraq (2003-2004, 2008-2009). During his last deployment he was hit with shrapnel from an IED. While the wound, which seemed superficial at the time, kept his unit from applying for a Purple Heart.  As it turns out there was sever damage to his elbow that has never properly healed. While undergoing treatment he was then involved in a motorcycle accident that cost him his left leg below the knee. After this incident he was then medically retired due to the amputation and shrapnel wounds and is awaiting the Purple Heart from the VA. He is now pursuing a degree in Psychology so he can counsel other combat veterans.