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USMC LCPL Brent Callender was deployed to Iraq when he was shot in the back by a sniper.  The injury left him with a broken spine, damage to his pelvis, and a TBI.  LCPL Callender was on life support for several days until he was stable enough to transfer to Germany.  He underwent several surgeries over the course of two months then was transferred to Camp Pendleton, CA.  Brent was confined to to a wheelchair for 10 months while he recovered from his spinal injury.  Recovery has been very hard for the young Marine, he has battled depression, addiction, and sadly the loss of his infant daughter in February 2018.

Brent had been receiving counseling at Camp Hope in Houston, TX for his PTSD and for the recent death of his infant daughter.
He now has a job waiting for him back home after completing his therapy.

VES4VETS.com took Brent back home to Stanton, CA., on April 4th 2018.